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SOP20 IC adapter Socket / Adapter plate PCB Suitable for IC socket

SOP20 IC adapter Socket / Adapter plate PCB Suitable for IC socket

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Pitch 1.27mm Suitable for SO20 SOP20 SOIC20 turn DIP20

Pitch 0.65mm Suitable for SSOP20 TSSOP20 MSOP20 turn DIP20

Pitch 2.54mm Suitable for Breadboad,directly Plug in Breadboad

Pitch 15.24mm Suitable for IC socket,directly Plug in IC socket



Pitch (mm)
3P SOT23–>SIP3  SOT23-3–>SIP3 0.95 Double Side
SOT89–>SIP3 SOT223–>SIP3 1.5/2.3 Double Side
8P SOP8–>DIP8  1.27/0.65 Double Side
SOP8–>DIP8  Gold 1.27/0.65 Double Side
SOP8–>DIP8 With Cooling 1.27 Double Side
10P MSOP10–>DIP10 SOT23–>DIP10 ; UMAX–>DIP10 0.5/0.95 Double Side
DFN10/eMsop10–>DIP10 With Cooling 0.5 Double Side
14P SOP14–>DIP14 1.27/0.65 Double Side
16P SOP16–>DIP16 narrow 1.27/0.65 Double Side
SOP16–>DIP16 suport narrow and wide 1.27/0.65 Double Side
QFN16–>DIP16 0.5/0.65 Double Side
LGA16–>DIP16 ; QFN16–>DIP16 0.5 Double Side
20P SOP20–>DIP20 suport narrow and wide 1.27/0.65 Double Side
QFN20–>DIP20 0.5/0.65 Double Side
24P SOP24–>DIP24 suport narrow and wide 1.27/0.65 Double Side
SOP24–>DIP24 With Grounding Plate 1.0 Double Side
28P SOP28–>DIP28 suport narrow and wide 1.27/0.65 Double Side
32P QFP32–>DIP  QFN32 –>DIP 0.8/0.65 Double Side
QFP32–>DIP  SSOP32 –>DIP suport narrow and wide 0.8 Double Side
SOP32–>DIP suport narrow and wide DIP1.27<–>DIP2.54 1.27 Single Side
QFP32–>DIP32 With Grounding Plate 0.8 Double Side
40P QFN40–>DIP  QFN32 –>DIP 0.5 Double Side
44P QFP44 –>DIP44 0.8 Single Side
48P QFN48 QFP48–>DIP  QFN44 QFP44 –>DIP 0.5 Double Side
56P TSSOPII 56–>DIP for SDRAM 0.635/0.8 Double Side
64P QFN64–>DIP  QFN56 –>DIP 0.5 Double Side
QFN64–>DIP  QFP64 –>DIP support 56P/48P/40P/32P 0.8/0.5 Double Side
100P QFP100 –>DIP QFP64 –>DIP support 32p~100p 0.8/0.5 Double Side
144P QFP144–>DIP suport 128P 0.5 Double Side
DR9 DR9–>DIP for D-SUB Connector Single Side
FPC/FFC FPC–>DIP50 ; FFC–>DIP50 for TFT LCD 0.5/1.0 Double Side
SMT0805 0805 0603 0402–>DIP Double Side



witout Pin Header



If you want   Pin Header,Pls click here:


IC Socket:



Spring Test Probes Pogo Pin:



Programmer Adapter Socket for test IC:



Terminal Bloack:



Tact Switch:



IDC Socket:



D-SUB Connector:



Latching Switch:



Vibration Switch:



Digital Tube:



other more,you can see on our store:


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