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LY 915Y ozone sterilizer 15g/h for car,house room,food,air

LY 915Y ozone sterilizer 15g/h for car,house room,food,air

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LY 915Y ozone sterilizer 15g/h for car,house room,food,air


915Y Ozone sterilizer






Cool way: AIR


Common use with water and gass: the use of ozone generated is silicone tube output, the output of this silica gel tube can be used for water disinfection ozone, can also be used for purification of the space. (Treated water only when the output of ozone silicone tube inserted into the tank or bucket, and if it is simply in spatial processing silicone tube can be placed in the ground.)


How it works: After the ozone generator production line of high pressure, high pressure to a certain extent the principle of air through the electrical breakdown of the air molecules are ionized, which combine to produce ozone consists of three oxygen atoms formed after the oxygen in the air molecules are ionized molecules, ozone generation will become a strong oxidant, it can destroy the cell walls so that molecules of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbial inactivation, at a certain concentration can quickly kill bacteria in the air without any toxic residues, not a secondary Pollution.


Function: The product of ozone disinfection machines use ozone lightning discharge principle to the air as raw material, creeping discharge technology jerks release of high concentrations of ozone, ozone is one of the strongest known oxidant, at certain concentrations, water and can rapidly kill harmful bacteria in the air, without any toxic residues, not a secondary pollution, is recognized as the world’s a broad-spectrum disinfectant effect, its chemical properties particularly active, known as ” the cleanest oxidant and disinfectant. ”


Ozone is an internationally recognized green-disinfectant, high efficiency disinfection, a variety of viruses, bacteria have a strong ability to kill, ozone is a strong oxidant, to degrade a variety of organic compounds, odor, bleaching, improving water quality effects Excellent, no secondary pollution.


Ozone water disinfection advantages:


(1) Ozone is a strong oxidant, bactericidal ability, quick response, less investment, ozone can spread rapidly kill bacteria, spores, virus inactivation and sterilization at low concentrations;


(2) disinfection with ozone in the pool water treatment can avoid fundamentally as trihalomethane (THMS) such disgusting carcinogenic halogenated organics produce. Ozone disinfection eliminate the formation of chlorine compounds of ammonia, thus avoiding adverse effects on the human body of swimming pool water. These chloramines compounds It will stimulate the swimmers and athletes of the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, so the red-eye rash that is arising and swimming, and also has a hair bleaching effect. Ozone does not have these problems. It is adaptable within PH5.6-9.8, the temperature range of 0-37 ℃, ozone disinfection performance has little effect;


(3) to air by ozone silent discharge method for producing no residual persistence in water as raw material, no secondary pollution;


(4) can destroy organic compounds in water, improve water physical and organoleptic properties, decolorization to taste and to smell the role of the water was blue, without changing the physical properties of water on the skin and hair without any irritation.


(5) The ozone decomposable organic matter in water and has enhanced flocculation function, which in normal traffic, flocculant can not and will not lead to an increase of harmful substances in the water and salt content. Save other agents, reducing chlorine usage.


(6) can greatly reduce the use of ozone disinfection water treatment process management and operational difficulties, while ozone generator has high security, swimming pool water recycling, water can save a lot of money, reduce costs and increase profits.


■ direct action by ordinary ozone water treatment equipment for efficient water vapor mixing means mixing the ozone gas and water into ozone water, and adjusted its concentration in the feed water, to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.


■ Ozone disinfection of water purification equipment uses advanced IGBT inverter and advanced cooling technology to ensure high and stable ozone production.


■ microcomputer control system ozone water treatment equipment, disinfection time, ozone concentration and other parameters for real-time monitoring to ensure the normal operation of the system.


■ The ozone water treatment equipment to the air as raw materials, affordable, significant savings in the cost.


Chemical oxidation: ozone as the oxidant, catalyst and refining agent used in chemical, oil, paper, textile, pharmaceutical and perfume industries. Strong oxidizing power of ozone is very easy to interrupt olefins, alkynes organics carbon chain bonds, so that after the partial oxidation of the synthesis of new compounds.


Pulp bleaching: ozone in the pulp and paper industry for the bleaching chemical grout to improve the mechanical properties of the machine or slurry, reducing chlorine in pulp bleaching process environmental pollution.


Water treatment: ozone in the water for bacteria, viruses and other microbes to kill high speed, for complete removal of organic compounds and other pollutants without secondary pollution, and can reduce the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand ( COD), the removal of nitrite, suspended solids and discoloration. Used in urban sewage treatment, urban drinking bottled water, industrial wastewater treatment, water recycling and reuse aquariums swimming pool and so on.


Sterilization deodorant works: Ozone category is biochemical oxidation. Ozone oxidation and decomposition of bacteria inside the glucose enzyme necessary; action can also occur directly with bacteria, viruses, destruction of their cell wall and RNA, decomposition of DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and polysaccharides and other macromolecules polymer can penetrate into the membrane organization inside the cell membrane reacts lipopolysaccharide outer membrane lipoprotein that the permeability of bacterial material distortion occurs, leading to the dissolution of cell death, and the dead body’s genetic bacteria, parasites species of parasitic virus particle, a phage, mycoplasma and pyrogen (bacterial viruses metabolites, endotoxin), dissolved degeneration and death. The use of “ozone” natural oxidation of the odor characteristic smell ammonia and organic pollutants generated during the decomposition completely decompose and remove corruption, it destroys the molecular structure of odor substances, generating non-toxic, odorless substance . Swimming pool almost all international competitions using ozone treatment, not only to remove the residual chlorine in water, decompose chloroform, methylene chloride bromine, carbon tetrachloride and other chlorinated organics carcinogenic chlorine disinfection generated. But also sterilization; more economical use of water is to extend the time, and reduce costs.


The main purposes: Ozone generator is mainly used in pharmaceutical water, purified water, mineral water, secondary water supply, swimming pool water, aquaculture water, food and beverage processing industry, water disinfection and purification, as well as chemical industry, paper industry and other degreasing, bleaching, bleaching for domestic, industrial, hospital discharge standard treatment (disinfection, removal of BDR, COD, etc.), as well as domestic sewage, industrial cooling water reuse treatment.


Ozone effects: sterilization, disinfection, to taste, purify; dual-use type (which can be used for disinfection of space – can also be used for water disinfection)

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