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Digital Dual channel DDS Function Signal Generator MHS-2300A 5MHZ

Digital Dual channel DDS Function Signal Generator MHS-2300A 5MHZ

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Introduction of the instrument:

The instrument uses a large-scale high-speed FPGA + ARM microprocessor, display with 2.4-inch TFT color LCD display. The instrument has dual DDS signal output waveform output has sine, square, triangle, pulse, linear frequency sweep, logarithmic frequency scanning signal generating function, and can achieve arbitrary waveform generation function of the signal, the highest frequency sinusoidal signal to 5MHz, frequency resolution up 10uHz. In addition TTL sync input waveform output and SYNC is the same terminal, take advantage of this feature allows multiple signal generator phase synchronization, enabling multi-channel signal generator functions. Measurement, the instrument has a frequency measurement, period measurement, positive pulse, negative pulse width measurement and counting functions. This instrument is an electronics engineer, electronics laboratories, production lines and teaching, research and the ideal test, measurement equipment.

The main features:

1 direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology , FPGA design , ultra-low power consumption ;

2 uses a single 5V power adapter , if the user has moved the power , but also to facilitate the achievement of field work ;

3 sine wave signal output frequency is 10uHz ~ 5MHz;

4 square wave, pulse wave , triangle wave output frequency is 10uHz ~ 1MHz;

5 contains an internal precision attenuator circuit, the small-signal output is more accurate ;

6 waveform frequency resolution up to 10uHz;

7 with an arbitrary starting point, the end of the frequency setting , linear and logarithmic sweep sweep function ;

8 has a frequency measurement, period measurement , pulse width measurement and counting positive and negative features ;

9 has a control function of the number of output pulses can be controlled by the output pulses of 1 to 1,048,575 according to the setting function

10 All parametric equalizer can be done by an internal calibration procedure ;

11 interface using interactive menus , support Chinese and English language options , allowing users a glance ;

12 chassis compact shape, easy to carry , comfortable and flexible key operation .

13 can communicate with the PC , use the PC to control the instrument , and the ability to edit arbitrary waveforms on a PC to download to the instrument output waveform.


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