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Special Bargain fir forest video tester engineering treasure monitoring and maintenance tool head Commissioning 3.5 cable tester

Special Bargain fir forest video tester engineering treasure monitoring and maintenance tool head Commissioning 3.5 cable tester

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Special Bargain fir forest video tester engineering treasure monitoring and maintenance tool head Commissioning 3.5 cable tester

Product parameters:

Product Applications:

* Video surveillance project installation and maintenance
* Fast ball, camera detection
* Video transmission channel detection
* PTZ control PTZ protocol


* 3.5 inches large screen high-definition LCD screen, 960X240 resolution, 262K colors.
* LCD video brightness / contrast / color saturation can be adjusted.
* Video format NTSC, PAL standard automatically adapt and display.
* Video signal strength measurement, the test video signal level is attenuated.
* DC12V 800mA power output, providing emergency power supply for the camera, but also can be an external power supply input to provide power to the instrument.
* Multi-standard color bar pattern generator (seven standard video test signal generator can be switched), transmit / receive seven color of the image global standard.
* Dome address rapid scanning for features to help users locate the ball machine address.
* You can test the cable types: twisted pair, telephone lines, coaxial cable and ordinary metal wire clip test by crocodiles.
* Twisted Pair hunt, arranged in order of twisted pair wire, twisted pair combined display, open circuit, short-circuit test. (First)
* Twisted-pair crosstalk test, twisted pair positioned at both ends of the connection open judgment, the distal end of the twisted pair cable test.
* Support RS232 / RS485 / RS422 interfaces, adjustable rate 300-19200bps.
* Support PELCO-P, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG two dozen control protocol.
* Capture the PTZ protocol analysis, control protocol instruction display, helps engineers determine whether the normal RS485 transmission, makes it easier to identify faulty equipment.
* PTZ (pan and zoom) control, you can control PTZ direction, camera zoom, focus, iris and ball machine menu parameter settings, and other preset settings and call.
* Delay automatic shutdown: If the instrument is not operated within 20 minutes, it will automatically shut down to save battery.


Function Details >>>
Video signal test capabilities

Fir forest video surveillance cable multifunction tester, built-in high-definition digital LCD monitor 3.5 feet, intuitively easy to show the quality of the camera image. Support PAL / NTSC standard video signal.
Instruments video brightness, contrast, color saturation adjustable, suitable for field construction and maintenance work.
Video signal strength test function

Video surveillance Cable multifunction tester video signal strength measurements, the test video signal strength attenuation or too high. Since the video signal cable is too long will cause the video signal attenuation, attenuation of the video signal will cause the image dim, reduce the dynamic range of the image; a video signal is too strong, it will cause a shadow, reduce image sharpness. Video surveillance Cable multifunction tester video signal measurements, real-time display of the video signal level value, if out of range, the instrument’s screen will display a message.
PTZ control function

Video surveillance Cable multifunction tester built Pelco-D / P, Samsung, Panasonic and other twenty kinds of PTZ protocols, through its RS485 or RS232 interface, the user can control the PTZ up and down turning left and right and to adjust one machine zoom, focus, aperture size.
Video surveillance Cable multifunction tester supports pan speed, tilt speed adjustment; and presets and preset function call, call fastball menu, edit the parameters of the ball machine.
PTZ address scan function: video surveillance cables Multifunction Tester unique address scan function, you can quickly help engineers find fastball address. Engineers need to maintain some fastball, fastball may not know the address, if you want to remove the dome to be checked, the workload is relatively large. This instrument is unique scanning features to help engineers quickly find the address of the dome.
Multi-system image generator function
Multi-system image generator via video OUT port, send a variety of formats (PAL, NTSC) standard color graphics section, graphics section are: white, yellow, blue, green, pink, red, blue and black in a total of eight colors, By monitoring center monitors whether it has received color graphics video channel strip to determine whether normal transmission, at the same time, received by the monitoring center of the color bar pattern, can determine whether there is attenuation due to transmission error or interference caused by color. Instrument supports PAL and NTSC.
DC12V 800mA power supply input and output functions

Video surveillance Cable multifunction tester specifically designed for the power supply of the camera 12V 800mA power output port for the camera to provide temporary power. Some cameras are mainly used in the field demonstration and testing, while some need to install the camera’s field because there is no power before the implementation of the project site must be found temporary power supply for the camera, the power output of the instrument played a necessary role. It can also be connected to an external power supply to the instrument.
Cloud Control data capture analysis

Instrument through RS485 or RS232 interface to capture the multi-function keyboard or DVR and other control settings sent from the control protocol code, test monitoring center sent me the room PTZ control whether the command data can be correctly received test RS485 or RS232 data transmission. Display in hexadecimal code,
Such as PELCO-P: A0 00 (address) xx xx xx xx AF xx

PELCO-D: FF 01 (address) xx xx xx xx xx

Cable connectivity test function

This instrument can be used in the method of testing MS and MR lines, telephone lines, BNC cable open circuit, short circuit, cross, reverse, paired connections and cable break location, and can be displayed on the display screen and intuitive. Able to network cable crosstalk test, solve potential problems Suman. Also measure the router end of the cable connection is in good condition, can be charged measure telephone line.

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