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2017 new LY 9300 desktop laminating machine with 2 IP moulds 1 set 220V

2017 new LY 9300 desktop laminating machine with 2 IP moulds 1 set 220V

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2017 new LY 9300 desktop laminating machine with 2 IP moulds 1 set 220V



ONE: The machine standard parameters ———————————–3

TWO: new machine installed step ———————————–4-5

THREE: Machine institution Name and disassemble step ———————6-7

FOUR: System operating instruction ———————————–7-9

FIVE: Common abnormal problems and treatment —————————–10

SIX: Model wearing parts ————————————-10



ONE:The machine standard parameters

1,  the input voltag:AC 220V

2,  the machine total power:1000W

3,  Enter the total pressure:0.45-0.6MP

4,  the control voltage:DC 24V

5,  the working environment:from -3 to 40 Celsius

6,  Machine size:550*620*770

7.   weight:75KG

RE: Customer can choose 2 moulds from IP 4 5 5C 6 6+ 6s 6s+ 7 7+,for extra moulds need to buy extra for $50/pc.


TWO:new machine installed step

1.      removed vacuum motor after you received the machine

2.  Unscrew the oil filler cap and add special vacuum pump oil

3,Access intake pipe and vacuum tube

4,Access vacuum motor, access to power

THREE: machine institution name and disassemble

Note:in operation this , cut power and gas, in case danger!


Note: The least once a month air compressor oil pump position, if less than the scale of the next cell, you must stop and put oil in!

The parameter table

Laminate OCA

Air pressure     Heating time   Laminate time Temperature

0.3-0.5Mpa      35s          30s            50℃

Laminate TP

Air pressure     Heating time   Laminate time Temperature

0.15Mpa  27s          20s            45℃

0.18Mpa  30s          16s            45℃

0.15Mpa  27s          25s            45℃

0.15Mpa  27s          30s            45℃



Open vacuum ring          put in molds       close vacuum ring          click start laminate         finish and take out products          finish this operation



FIVE:Common abnormal problems and treatment

1,Click the button on the touch screen machines do not respond。

Solve methods:

(1)Check the machine is powered and connected ventilation vacuum motor, the specific operations, please refer to “new machine installed step”

(2)Check the emergency stop is pressed, if you press please unscrew! Then press the reset and try again!

(3)Disassemble the machine table cover, look at the back of the touch screen plug is loose, then plug by hand tight! See “disassemble step”

2,In automatic mode, the point to start the vacuum motor does not move.

Solve methods:

(1)       Check vacuum motor is connected, switch on the motor is open, see “new machine installed step”

(2)In the manual mode point vacuum switches, vacuum motor does not move, replace the vacuum relay, see “disassemble step”

3,In automatic mode, the cylinder temperature of the mold is not!

Solve methods:

(First, the temperature is set high, view the heating relay lamp is lit, replace the relay does not shine. Bright replacement of heating rods. See “disassemble step”

4, laminate with bubbles

Solve methods:Please check laminate pressure!



Name             type

Jog buttons      LA167-D8-11

Emergency button   LA167-D8-11ZS

Select button   LA167-D8-11X/2

Switching Power Supply   RS-75-24

Solid State Relays    SM2425DA

Disconnect Switch   DZ47-60 C16 2P


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