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LY T17 professional OCA vcacuum laminator for 15 inches screens hard to hard type

LY T17 professional OCA vcacuum laminator for 15 inches screens hard to hard type

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LY T17 professional OCA vcacuum laminator for 15 inches screens hard to hard type



Safety Regulations


For your safety, please read this handbook carefully to be more familiar with the application and limitations of the machines and the related potential risks.

Read the instructions before using the equipment

Do not boot the equipment before closing the bin gate

This machine adopts the third grounding method. It is important to keep the grounding normal. Poor grounding will cause the dangers towards the machine and user

Electricity Box should not be opened without professional staffs are present



AC220V  1500W




Work Environment: 20-30℃, clean and dust-free

Laminating: Flat Type Lamination


Production Efficiency:

Heating Method: Constant temperature

Applicable Size: Below 15"

Size of Equipment: 390*430*500mm

Packing dimension:440*460*560mm

Height of Equipment: About 35kg

Packing weight:about 42KG



Press to Boot, Easy Operation

Smart Constant Pressure; PLC smart system control

15 inches big laminate platform,high efficiency;


Operation Process

1.   Insert the main power pack⑩,Insert the vacuum pump    and the windpipe    into the laminator respectively;

2.Insert the windpipe of air compressor into the left side of the pressure regulating valve⑧ , making sure that only when the valve of air compressor is turned on can the switch of the laminator be turned on;

3.   Lamination can be done when the pressure gage ②reaches2KG   PlC touching system① begins working;

4.   Put the items to be laminated on the working table, with two hands press respectively on the starting bottom on both sides, and the laminator works, with the item entering into the laminating room— the vacuum room pressing down—the laminating board pressing down —-laminating ;

5.   The laminator resets when lamination is over, and the item pop itself and is available;

6.   Remove the bulbs by putting the laminated item into the bulb-remover,Wait six minutes;

7.Open the remover door ,take the LCD out ,FINISH!




Projects Items
Formwork Check that whether there are some foreign matters. If positive, please clean them
Lamination Guide Pillar and Work Platform Sideway Add some lubricating oil to the guide pillar and sideway regularly to make sure the movement is smooth


Relation between Vacuum Degree and Altitude


Generally, the design and tested parameters of the vacuum pump are conducted under the standardized air pressure environment. If the altitude is changing, the exact performance will also change. The exact parameters are displayed in Table 1.



Vacuum Degree
(-Mpa) (mmHg)
0 0.1013 760
200 0.0990 742.7
400 0.0968 726.2
500 0.0957 717.9
1000 0.0902 676.7
1500 0.0846 634.7
2000 0.0790 593.3


Examples: Chengdu of Sichuan  Altitude 505.9  Vacuum Degree ranges from 93 to 95, normal

Yulin of Shanxi  Altitude 1057.5  Vacuum Degree ranges from 88 to 90, normal



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