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high speed USB eeprom TL866A programmer

high speed USB eeprom TL866A programmer

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USB MiniPro Programmer TL866A X1
USB cable X1
CD including software and PDF manual X1
ICSP cable X1
IC socket X2


TL866A programmer

1. high speed programming.
2. Small in size, low power consumption, unheated integrated programmer.
3. All chips do not need to be connect to power supply, USB port can supply enough power.
4. Best internal 40 pins overvoltage protection, the best VPP, VCC 4th grade overcurrent protection.
Short circuit won’t reset PC or programmer.
5. Support 12700+ Chips, support serial series, parallel series chips, thousands of 40/44/48 Pin high capacity Flash.
6. Special serial programming ICSP interface (TL866A has this fuction, TL866CS does not have this fuction)
7. Can test 74/54 CMOS4000 series Integrated circuit, it can locate at gate circuit CMOS error.
8. IC serial number function is completed and pratical.
9. Support Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista, Win7(32bit and 64bit) operating system.
10. Original creation: Support AVR MCU internal RC Calibration to operate on Encrypted volume of chips.

Difference Between TL866A and TL866CS programmer:

1. ICSP interface  (6-pin interface of the programmer right side) is limited to the TL866A model.
2. Partly  Microchip’s MCU with More than 40pins require the use of the TL866A for ICSP interface programming .
       Most of  Microchip’s PICs MCU  support   programming on ICSP and  40PIN seat.
3.  About ATMEGAxxxx and SYNCMOS’s MCU SM89xxx SM59xxx
       TL866A support serial  programming on ICSP and parallel programming on seat.
       TL886CS only  support  parallel programming on seat.
4. AT45DBxxxx can only be programmed using the ICSP interface (TL866A only).
5. To all other chips.  TL866A and TL866CS no diffrent.
       Both programmers work with genuine TL866 Adapters for devices up to 48 pins.

Supported Device List : www.autoelectric.cn/minipro/MiniProSupportList.txt

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