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LYBGACNC LYFS2030 3040 3060 4060 3/4/5axis Engraving machine CNC Router Engraving Drilling and Milling Machine

LYBGACNC LYFS2030 3040 3060 4060 3/4/5axis Engraving machine CNC Router Engraving Drilling and Milling Machine

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LYBGACNC LYFS2030 3040 3060 4060 3/4/5axis Engraving machine CNC Router Engraving Drilling and Milling Machine


This is a very good era,in the past we only can see the CNC machine equipment in factory, but now, the CNC equipment has been into our lives;

Whether you are a small or medium enterprises managers, project engineers, CNC enthusiast or artists, related students, there are something on this machine will attract you;

It can help you processing a lot of parts, whether you are modeling or home decoration or creative DIY.

It can help you intuitively to learn CNC knowledge. And testing learning outcomes in real time.


Model and Technical Parameters

Brand       LYBGACNC
Model LYFS2030 LYFS3040 LYFS3060 LYFS4060
Working stroke (XYZ) mm 200*300*100 300*400*100 300*600*100 400*600*100
Machine size cm 50*40*50 62*52*50 80*52*50 80*60*50
Weigh 27 31 35 43
Acceptable material thickness ≤120mm
Rack material:

12~15mm aluminum plate

Table material:

Aluminum alloy T table + Water tank

Rail type X Y 1605 ball screw; Z 1204 ball screw,

Square line rail track, three-axis is 20 mm square wire track,

Spindle motor

1500W/2200W VFD Water-cooled spindle , 0-24000r/min,

Collet type

ER11,1/8″(3.175mm) Collet

Stepper motor and drive


Repeat positioning Accuracy


Communication interface

USB Port

System requirements Win-XP / Win 7 Win 8 Win10
Software Co


Mach3/Emc2/Kcam, (Type3,Wentai, ArtCAM, coppercam)

Command code

G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt

4th Axis  (Optional)


Center height: H = 51mm

Maximum turning diameter: ≤ 81mm

Deceleration ratio: 4:1

Stepper motor: 57HS56

5th Axis  (Optional)


The fourth axis gear ratio: 4: 1 (57 two phase 3A stepper motor 1.2N)

The fifth axis reduction ratio: 5: 1 (57 two phase 3A stepper motor 1.2N)

Four jaw chuck 60MM

The clamping: Positive direction:40mm; In the opposite direction:70mm

Fourth axis Center height: 55MM

The fifth axis higher than the 4th axis 44 mm

Bottom fixed hole distance: 150mm x 85mm




More Precise Stepping Motor

Simple operation and installation

1 year machine part and 6 months electrical parts、stepping motor、spindle Free Warranty


Precautions for use

1. Beware of potential safety hazards of electricity use. Please ground the rack and take necessary personal protection measures. It should be placed at a place where children can’t touch everyday;

2. The machine is divided into 110 and 220V. Please leave a message when ordering;

3. When the new machine is assembled, the main shaft must be connected to the main shaft output of the control box;

4. After the machine works for a period of time, if the main shaft does not rotate, please check whether the two carbon brushes on the motor are worn;

Thanks for your order!

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