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LY-G950 semi-automatic 3 zones max 63x61cm big area hot air IR gas 3 in 1 mix heating Align BGA rework station 220V 8000W

LY-G950 semi-automatic 3 zones max 63x61cm big area hot air IR gas 3 in 1 mix heating Align BGA rework station 220V 8000W

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LY-G950 semi-automatic 3 zones max 63x61cm big area hot air IR gas 3 in 1 mix heating Align BGA rework station 220V 8000W

LY-G950 BGA repair machine parameter:                                                     

● LY-G950 size small but can rework big motherboard size repair machine with optical alignment system(PCB Max size :630mmX610mm),hot air+IR+gas which heating way is 3 in 1(inlcusing Nitrogen or compress air),all in one BGA rework machine which all movement action are made of electronic motor drive、software control。Suit for removing or soldering any klind of seal chips and any BGA chips ,any special or difficult rework chips: POP, CCGA,BGA,QFN,CSP,LGA,Micro SMD,MLF(Micro Lead Frames)。

● independent six axis interlock,seven electroinc motor drive control all moevment。Up and down temperature zone/PCB movement and optical alignment system X/Y movement all control by the joystick,easy operation。Machine can store more than 100 temperature curve,suit for large quantities motherboard rework and increase your work efficiency,high level automatic。

● heat and mount head design 2 in 1,whihc have auto rotate,mount,soldering and auto remove function;

● up hot air head use 4 heat channel heating system,and other 2 heating channel can cooling independent,temperature heating up very fast,Temperature uniformity,cooling fast(temperature can down at one time 50-80degree),which can meet the requirement of the lead free chip rework process。Down temperature use hot air +IR heating。IR directly heating on the heating area,together heating with the hot air,this can make the PCB heating temperature up very fast(speed can reach 10°C/S),the temperature can keep uniformity at the same time。

● Independent three temperature zone (upper temperature zone, lower temperature zone, infrared preheat zone), the upper temperature zone and lower temperature zone can auto move at the same time , can automatically reach anyplace on the infrared preheat zone . Down temperature zone can be up and down movement, support PCB, using motor auto control. PCB in the fixture not, up and down heating head can move to any chip place on the PCB.

● Special design for the bottom IR preheating.use the good quality heating material whihc import from Germany(infrared gold-plated tube) + anti-glare constant temperature glass (temperature resistance up to 1800 ° C), preheating area of 500 * 420 mm.

●  X, Y direction of movement and the overall unique design, making the equipment space is fully utilized to a relatively small size of equipment to achieve large area PCB rework, the maximum clamping plate size up to 630 * 610mm, no rework dead ends;

● Plywood device with a positioning scale, the system can remember the history of positioning scale, so that more convenient and repeatable positioning.

● Built-in vacuum pump, Φ-axis arbitrary rotation, high-precision stepper motor control, automatic memory function, precision fine-tune nozzle;

● Suction nozzle automatically identify suction and placement height, the pressure can be controlled in the small range of 10 grams, with 0 pressure suction, placement function, for smaller chips;

● Color high-definition optical system, with spectral color, zoom and fine-tuning function, including color-difference resolution, auto focus, software operating functions, 22x optical zoom, rework Maximum BGA size 70 * 70mm;

● 10sections up(down) temperature+10sections constant temperature,can store more than 100group temperature curve,can analysis the temperature curve on the touch screen;

● different sizes Titanium alloy nozzles,easy change,can 360°rotate。

● 5pcs temperature sensor,can monitor and analysis more place on the PCB。

● Equipped with nitrogen inlet,use nitrogen to protect the soldering,more the rework more safety and reliable。

●Using the fixture with a positioning scale to complete the automatic take or release chips, as long as the operation screen input chip size, the upper heating head will automatically take the chip center position, more suitable for mass production。

● With solid-state operation display, make temperature more safe and reliable;

● The machine can automatically generate the standard temperature demolition curve of SMT under the different temperature in different areas, without manually setting the machine curve, with or without experience operator can use, to achieve intelligent machine.

●  Match side camera which can observate the side ball melting , easy to determine the curve. (This function is optional)。



 LY-G950 BGA rework machine specification:                                                    

1、Model: LY-G950

2、Max PCB size:W600*D700mm


4、suit chips size:1*1~70*70mm
5、Applicable chip minimum spacing:0.15mm

6、Mount the maximum load: 300g
7、Mount accuracy:±0.01mm
8、PCBPositioning method:Shape or positioning hole
9、Temperature control: K-type thermocouple, closed-loop control
10、Lower hot air heating: hot air 800W
11、The upper hot air heating: hot air 1200W
12、Bottom preheat: Infrared 6000W
13、Power: three-phase 380V, 50 / 60Hz
14、Machine size: L970*W700*H1400mm(Without frame)
15、Machine weight: about 170KG 

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